Kings Of Leon

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* Homegrown
Rock to the rhythm and bop to the beat of the radio
You ain’t got to sing but you’ve got the face to play the role
You can play with me

And all the bros
Try for the girls
And try for the charity tight clothes
She got a hat and all that hat says is asshole
She be boppin’ to me

** Pretty hair-do’s
And those lipstick kisses
Blowin’, yeah that’s the right move
Make me feel like I’m the one who moves you

The only one you see

Now take me down
Don’t you let those tears quench the thirsty ground
Don’t you be so scared that you can’t make a sound
Make a sound for me

*** All of London sings
‘Cause England swings and they sure love the tales I bring
And those rainy days, they ain’t so bad when you’re the king
The king they want to see

[Repeat * , ** , ***]